Alert Invites

The explanation for the configuration of the alert invitations that is available in InviteManager.

Alert invitations can be announced through the InviteManager's logging system.

Alert invites allow to create a alert for a specific amount of invites.


Webhooks allow you to receive real-time alert-invite events from our servers.

By creating a webhook, you can specify a URL for us to send an HTTP POST when a new alert-invite occur. This POST request will contain the relevant data from the user (user that reached n invites) and the guild in JSON format. It will also have the following headers:

Authorization: [webhook secret]

Where the webhook secret is an 64-character hash that can be used to guarantee that it was us who sent the request.

It's important you don't share or expose your webhook secret


Sample Webhook Payload

      "username": "martim13",
      "id": "645298246469681152",
      "avatar": "",
      "discriminator": "0070",
      "bot": false,
   "invites": 99,
   "guild_id": "876491871680073758",
   "type": "reached"

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