InviteManager Premium

Information about our paid version of InviteManager (InviteManager Premium).

What Is InviteManager Premium?

As you might have guessed, InviteManager Premium is the premium version of InviteManager. InviteManager Premium provides you with more functions for use and utilization, thereby increasing your already huge function pool. InviteManager Premium not only provides you with the use of new features, but also adds restrictions on many other free features.

Why Are We Even Taking Payment For Some Features?

You may be wondering why we even provided an advanced version of InviteManager in the first place. InviteManager requires a lot of CPU and RAM resources to run flawlessly 24/7, but to achieve this, it needs to be hosted on a dedicated server, and we need to pay monthly. In addition to the bill, InviteManager is constantly updated with new features, plus the amount of maintenance required, which obviously requires us to spend a lot of time. Subscribing to InviteManager Premium is your best way to help and support us during the development of the project.

What Perks Does It Offer And Where Do I Buy It?

Curious about what features are unlocked, what restrictions are raised, and how to purchase InviteManager Premium? Then check out our Patreon, which lists all the content that can be unlocked by purchasing