Frequently Asked Questions.

Who is "Unknown#0000" in my welcomer?

There are four main reasons to why you received this message:

1. InviteManager cannot see the channel to which the invitation is directed. (Permission issues can be easily solved by granting the administrator role to InviteManager).

2. Multiple people joined at the same time.

3. The invites made are not being registered by discord.

4: The bot has just restarted, and the invitation from your server was not in the InviteManager internal cache at the time. This is only temporary. This should only happen once after the bot restarts.

What is a fake invite?

Fakes invites mean that the bot count members who joined under the minimum account age set using /fakedelay command.

What is the prefix for InviteManager?

The default prefix for InviteManager is / (slash command). The bot works fully with slash commands.

How can I get help about InviteManager?

If you need help with the bot join the InviteManager Support discord server.

How can I vote for InviteManager?

You can vote for InviteManager on top.gg, click here to access our page. Thank you, voting really help us out!

Why isn't InviteManager granting reward roles?

Every roles you want InviteManager to give must be under the bot's role. You also need to make sure that the bot has the permission to grant roles.

What are the required permissions for InviteManager?



Add Reactions

Allow add reactions to messages, used in giveaways

Attach Files

Sending attach of statistical graphs

Manage Messages

Allow to pin & delete messages, used for leaderboard pin

Manage Roles

Manage Server

Viewing the server's active invites so InviteManager can track them

Manage Channels

Listen to new invites created or deleted on your server

Read Message History

View older messages for the InviteManager to edit them, such as pin leaderboards or giveaways

Send Messages

Use External Emojis

Use private emojis in most InviteManager command responses

Ban Members

Only needed when using action type ban at verification system, used to make the action of ban the member

Kick Members

Only needed when using action type kick at verification system, used to make the action of kick the member

All required permissions for InviteManager are required for some reason, so please be careful about which permissions you remove. If you remove permissions, it is likely to make some features of InviteManager non-functional.

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