Invite Count | Docs

First configuration

🔑 Prefix

You can easily configure the prefix used by the bot in your server. Simply use the following command.
Make sure to replace by the wanted prefix. If you don't know the prefix, mention and InviteCount will give you the prefix on the server !

👽 Language

You can also change the bot language for your server! You'll need to use the following command.
For the moment there is only a few languages available, but no worries, we are going to add more later on. See in the following list all current available languages:
  • en : English
  • fr : Français

📚 Channels

You have to think about defining the welcome and departure lounges. You can configure both at the same time !
+setChannels [both | join | leave] <channel>
Make sure to replace channel by the wanted channel. If you don't know current channels, do
InviteCount will give you all the server configuration